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Zenji Team

The owners
The hotel is owned by a Zanzibarian-Dutch couple (Mani and Anneloes and their two children Sophie - 13 years old- and Ziggy - 10 years old) that tries to integrate the best of both cultures. They met in Zanzibar in 1998 where Anneloes worked for 1 year after her graduation and in 1999 they moved to The Netherlands, where they lived for several years. In 2008 they decided to chase their dreams and started Zenji Zanzibar. The idea behind Zenji Zanzibar is to set-up several projects with the involvement of local people. They started with Zenji Hotel, followed by Zenji Cafe & Boutique and Zenji Garden Cafe. They feel that a good base where guests feel at home, safe and comfortable, is very important, but it is the Zenji Team that makes the difference.

The Zenji Team
The whole Zenji Team consists of 28 people. Fourteen work at Zenji Hotel, divided between different departments (e.g. kitchen, housekeeping and reception). As work is an important part of life, where many hours are spent, the staff makes the most of their opportunities, showing a genuine interest for our international guests and their stories. They make them feel welcome with small gestures such as flowers on the bed and extra attention and explanation when needed. The members of the team are all very enthusiastic to work, but do not all speak fluent English. We ask our guests therefore to have patience. At the same time we improve their skills and chances in life with English lessons and training on the job.