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Daytrip Chumbe Island Coral Park

Chumbe Island is a small privately owned island a few kilometres off of the coast of Zanzibar known for its ecological innovation and exceptional coral reefs. In 1994, the island and its surrounding waters were declared the Chumbe Island Coral Park, which contains the Chumbe Reef Sanctuary and the Closed Forest Reserve. Profits made from trips to Chumbe island help keep their conservation & education programs thriving.

The island can be reached by a 45min boat ride from Mbweni Beach. It covers 16 hectares of undisturbed forest and is surrounded by a virgin coral reef. The sanctuary has more than 200 species of pristine stone corals, about 400 species of fish, and turtles and dolphins regularly pass by.

(Note: only a limited number of people are allowed to be on Chumbe Island. Availability depends on the amount of people staying in the lodge and can only be known two days in advance.)

Price: $ 95 ($ 85 for Tanzanian residents) per person

Included: boat trip from Mbweni Ruins to Chumbe, lunch and drinks, snorkelling (inclusive snorkelling equipment), guided forest walk and if possible a lodge for day-use.
The prices above don’t include the transfer from Zenji Hotel to Mbweni Beach (2x $ 10).

Time: 9.00 am - 5:00 pm (approx.)